Paris Hilton was accused of being sympathetic to Hitler

Paris Hilton was accused of being sympathetic to HitlerSome Western sources have accused the infamous Paris Hilton in imitation of Adolf Hitler. The paparazzi photographed a star on one of the yachts in St Tropez wearing a cap military style, making a gesture reminiscent of the Nazi salute while holding your other hand near the nose and mustache portraying."Paris was just dancing with a raised hand, as he always does it. And his left hand scratched his nose when a reporter pressed the button of the camera, - said the representative of Hilton Daily Mail. - It is not a Communist hat, cap made in military style. This is not surprising, because half of her family and friends are Jews".The Hilton any comments about this new scandal is not given.By the way, recently it became known that Michael Jackson had a collection of documentaries about Nazi Germany and videos of television shows and movies about troubled boys from disadvantaged families, reports The New York Post.Video he picked up and delivered by a special company. For large customer orders personally collected it owner - Norman Scherer. Читать полностью -->

Dmitry Haratyan stole a car

Dmitry Haratyan stole a carWanted criminals, which revealed a foreign artist by remote control.Surveillance cameras filmed the thief for a few seconds he opened an expensive car and kidnapped her. According to police, the offender used the scanner for alarm, that from a distance reads individual vehicle settings and easily allows you to open any car.The description of the thief in the law enforcement agencies will conduct a search of the attacker.Jeep "Toyota Land cruiser", owned by famous artist Dmitry Haratyan, criminals have stolen from the Parking lot next to the store tile.Thursday afternoon, the wife of Dmitry Haratyan Marina came with a driver on Nakhimovsky Prospekt.She was selected tile in the store, told law enforcement officials Dmitry Kharatyan. - When Marina with driver went outside, the car was gone.Black jeep of the actor with the "thieves" numbers "888" is wanted.- The image shows that the car came a man with an unknown object in his hands, resembling a remote control, - told Life News source in law enforcement bodies. - Hijacker clicked on a few buttons and quickly opened the driver's door. A few seconds later the car disappeared from the Parking place.In his statement to the police the actor's wife indicated damage in the amount of 2.5 million rubles. Source: Dmitry Haratyan stole a car. Читать полностью -->

Kylie Minogue floated body language

Kylie Minogue floated body languageIn June comes the next, the 11th Studio album by Kylie Minogue. Australian pop diva wanted to indulge in a release to 42 th day of birth is may 28, but a little too late.So I had to settle for a video for one of the hits from this CD - "All The Lovers".Previous CD Kylie Minogue with the simple name "X" was released in 2007. The new album has already received more than sophisticated the name "Aphrodite". Although, judging by the hypersexual clip "All The Lovers", the shooting of which took place recently on the streets of Los Angeles, drive it a name like "Body Language" ("body Language"). Alas, Kylie already used it for their records 2003.The day before my birthday Minogue made bitter recognition that, like, the most important place in her life will get music and she married, probably never will. Say, relationship with Spanish model Andres Velencoso just wonderful and full of romance, but sooner or later they will end.Rare birdKylie Minogue suffers exotic phobia - star absolutely can not tolerate the sound of racking, moving the stick in the wardrobe.Source: Kylie Minogue floated body language. Читать полностью -->

Navco detained on the road without documents

Navco detained on the road without documentsTatiana Navka, hurrying to the gym, have decided to avoid a traffic jam on the dividing strip and was detained by the cops for 40 minutes.The trouble with the star of "Ice age" occurred in the centre of Moscow on Wednesday, about five in the evening. 35-year-old Olympic kamionka behind the wheel of a Porsche Cayenne white went on Big Stone bridge in moss side street.In the evening rush hour overpass stood in traffic. In order not to lose precious time, the athlete left on the separator bar and went to overtake the total flow.However, to complete the maneuver Navka failed. On the square Borovitsky gates of her car was stopped by traffic police.Explaining the skater that she committed a gross violation, the inspectors demanded to show documents. Star pulled out a driver's license, but not pass inspection, no insurance policy insurance, no registration, it happened.Navka explained to guards that in the rush took the wrong paper.- I accidentally grabbed mum's documents on her Lexus and she gave his, - said Tatiana Navka.For such violation by law, the driver faces a fine and towing. Skater immediately admitted his guilt and apologized to the police. Читать полностью -->

Rachel Weisz will star in the drama about sex

Rachel Weisz will star in the drama about sexRachel Weisz will star in the drama "360" directed by Fernando Marelisa, according to the website Deadline.Previously, Weiss was already working with Marelisa in 2005 she played the role in his film "the devoted gardener" and even received for her "Oscar" for best supporting actress.The painting "360" founded the idea embodied by the Austrian writer Arthur Schnitzler, published in 1900, the play "Reigen" (Reigen). The characters of the play - people of different social classes who have sexual contact. In each of the scenes featured a man and a woman, and one of the characters goes into the next episode. This continues until, until the circle closes. After the first publication of the play "the Dance" was considered pornographic, so she was only in 1920.We can assume that the name of the film Marelisa - "360" - also implies a full circle.The script will write Peter Morgan, who worked on the paintings "Other", "Another kind Boleyn" and "the Queen". Source: Rachel Weisz will star in the drama about sex. Читать полностью -->

Demi Moore posted their pics in bikini

Demi Moore posted their pics in bikini Demi Moore can't imagine their life without blogs and social networks, because fans of the actress are always aware of what is happening in her life.Especially nice that demi always backs up his record photos. Moreover, all her pictures taken on the phone and completely adorned with photoshop. Here just the other day on the Daily photoblog Booth she has published several photos of myself in a bikini shot on iPhone (by the way, good advertising a new iPhone). Amazingly, the body of demi, like a 20-year-old top model. And how she manage that?!By the way, bath Mrs. Kutcher is also quite good, or rather, in the bathroom so you can live! Source: demi Moore posted their pics in bikini . Читать полностью -->

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